Saturday, December 3, 2011

32th Photo of Avanti

"Fragile" by Avanti Sukma (Ragunan, 2011)

Is this the definition of "We are trying to save the animals".

Locking them up in a cage... all alone?

Animals die because they're lonely.

Do you think humans are the only one with hearts?

31th Photo of Avanti

"What Are You Hiding From" by Avanti Sukma (Rome, 2010)

This is an old photo I took last year in...somewhere in Rome. It was the second day of my stay in Italy. I was taking a walk with my friends around the hotel area. Back then... everything seems was just surreal.. even now.

30th Photo by Avanti

"Faces of The Dead" by Avanti Sukma (Ragunan, 2011)

Models: Dead preserved monkeys.

I'm really sorry for the weird qualities. They were put in a glass and the glass were somehow weird enough the picture turns out like this. Can you see their eyes?

Living beings are better to be seen when their alive.