Saturday, October 18, 2008

22th Painting - The Color of My Childhood



This is the newest painting of Avanti Sunu. Using this painting she became a finalist of "National Teenager Painting Competition 2008". She decribed her imagination about her childhood. She wanted to tell that childhood has dependency meaning to mother figure. Children need to be guide by mothers. She described the dependency by covers all children activities inside of mother pregnancy. She also described it by filament that connected mother with all of his childrens. Although the children has a dependency, she imagined it as a happy and lovely period. She described it using colorfull painting, favourite children games and activities (plays football, celebrates birthday, asks for gifts etc). She described happiness in childhood period by painted happy face in every figure of childs. She also used the colorfull circle outside the body as ornaments and symbol of her most favourite candy. In other side, she described a naked mother and her hand to hold her pregnancy as a symbol of mother genuinity to take care all of his children.

Year: 2008
Media: oil color & acrylic on canvas
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Artist: Avanti Sunu
Price: -


oping said...

keren... pertama kali buka blog ini gw lgs gatel pin liat paintingnya mpe bawah. kenapa sih punya ide ky gitu??? bikin iri hehehhe.

sebenernya gw udah punya buku ishihara test sih niat pin belajar n diapalin tu warna. tapi klo udah mulai diacak dan harus dibaca slm 3 detik lgs kacau lah smua... hiks hiks...

Avanti said...

hehe, makasih. punya ide gitu? aduhh itu masalah mood aja sih. sering" berimajinasi aja

zara said...

ava briliant!!!
i'm so proud of you~ XD

senengnya bisa punya temen keren~